No Distance Greater than the Stars

**Fair Warning: Today’s post contain mature content.  If you are offended by adult situations or otherwise prefer not to read such scenes, you may want to skip today’s post or move long when it starts to move out of your comfort zone.  It is not graphic, but it is clear what is going on.  If you do not mind mature content, enjoy today’s selection!**

Chapter Two, Part Two

When Citlally insisted that she was hungry, they stopped at one of the eateries; it was past lunchtime anyhow, according to their galactic travel watches. When Endan showed the blue-haired waiter his key-card, the waiter smiled and immediately brought out fine drinks for the couple.

“Endan…” Citlally whispered, eying him from across the table. “What are you up to? I am not dressed nearly well enough for something this fancy.”

“You do not need to be,” he grinned in return.

“Really, what is going on? He did not even take our room card to scan off any meal credits.”

“They come with the room,” he explained, then sipped the green Centaurian wine that they were sharing a bottle of.

“Meal credits come with most station rooms,” Citlally countered, clearly becoming frustrated with the way he was acting so coy. “What makes ours so special?”

“You will see,” he replied, winking and grinning even wider.

The waiter returned with a special menu for the two of them, which displayed no prices, though the names of the entrées had Citlally convinced that she would have gasped had she seen the numbers. When the waiter noticed her gaping, he assured her that all meals were included with their room, and encouraged her to order freely. She eventually settled on a form of pasta with seafood from a nearby planet as a creamy sauce, while Endan ignored the menu and asked that some kind of steak be prepared that would go well with the Centaurian wine. The waiter smiled and agreed, seeming impressed with how bold the traveler was being. He walked off towards the kitchen, leaving Endan to defend himself against his lady’s barrage of questions.

It turned out to be a full-course meal, with salads and some form of bread, and a full complement of side dishes. Citlally was impressed, though at one point she was bold enough to ask him how he had funded such a thing.

“Is that what you are worried about?” Endan asked. “My love, trust me that I would not jeopardize our travel budget for a room that comes with amenities the likes of which you are just beginning to see. I have been saving for this leg of our journey for…” He paused, looking off into the distance, and then went on to say, “a very long time, is all I will say. Just believe in me, my love.”

He reached his hand across the table to squeeze it, gazing into her chocolaty eyes. He really did not want to tell her everything right away, but meant to enthrall her with the beauty of their room.

“Of course I believe in you,” she told him, giving a sigh as she accepted the fact that she would have to do things his way for a while. Really, she did not mind; they were together, after all. “I would go anywhere with you, do anything that you knew was safe.”

They went on talking for a long while, until the courses kept coming and they found that they could eat no more. The rest of their food was packed up and would be delivered to their room later, once they had settled in. They left the restaurant to browse the shops, Endan wanting to take his time getting to their room so that they could digest. Citlally found a skirt that she liked, made from a smooth, velvety fabric that seemed to sparkle like starlight in a never-ending sky. The shopkeeper explained that it was the wool of a creature from the region of a world that was encased in night for much of the year, an agrarian region with vast amounts of starlight. However it had come to have such a mystical effect on the wool, Citlally was instantly in love with it. Endan purchased it for her, along with a scarf several yards long that matched. She wrapped it around her neck and shoulders and clung to him and the stepped back into the main causeway, making him grin with pride the rest of the way to the lifts that would carry them up to their room’s level.

The third ring was considered by most to be the most desirable level, not unlike the upper levels of Terran hotels of ages past. It was far from the lower hub, where travelers came and went, the transient hub so to speak. The more central parts of the ring were all well and good, and just being on the level was a luxury, but it was the outer rooms, with windows that looked out onto the galactic skies, that were considered the real extravagance. Citlally’s heart fluttered the entire lift ride up to the third ring as she wondered where their room would be.

Endan grinned and he led her out of the lift and into the carpeted hallway. Of course it was the best-decorated, she thought to herself. It still felt unreal to be there, and she started to tell herself that he was just teasing her, that it was all just a facade, with the station staff playing along with him. They were just wandering around the third ring for their own amusement, weren’t they? Yet he seemed to be walking with a sense of purpose…

When they reached a circular hallway, the walls curving out on either them distinctively, Citlally gasped. She had been on enough space stations, studied enough diagrams, to know that this was what the outer edge of the ring looked like. And he had led her straight there. They turned right, and he held her hand tightly as they walked up to a door and stopped. She stared at the plaque on the side of the door, the numerals written in a variety of systems from different worlds.

“3R-422,” she read, her voice hardly more than a whisper. She gulped hard and looked up at him. “Endan, this joke…”

“Is not a joke,” he assured her in a soft tone, and laid his hand on the blank panel below the room number.

The doors slid open with a soft whoosh, revealing a wide chamber just inside. Citlally gasped, staring at it all, the plush chairs, the glass tables edged in platinum, the bouquet of chalice vine flowers and yellow roses in a vase of the palest amber, the wide panels of windows that looked out onto the infinite æther. She could not move, could barely hear Endan speaking to her as her heart pounded with astonishment. In fact, her knees were beginning to feel weak, and she found herself clinging to his shirt.

“If you will not walk in, you leave me no choice but to do this,” he informed her. Then he bent down, hooked one arm under her legs, and lifted her body into his arms. He arms went around his neck, and she held him close as he stepped over the threshold with her.

“Just like they did in the older times,” he noted with a wide grin and the door whooshed shut.

Citlally still said nothing, but stared at the room, then back at him.

“You are breathing hard,” he whispered.

“Oh, Endan,” she breathed, “how did you…”

“Don’t worry about any of it, my love,” he whispered back, carrying her over to the smaller of the two couches. He sank down, keep her close, curled up in his lap, and leaned in to meet her lips. “For you, I would go to any star.”

Citlally gave a soft, moaning sigh as she met his kiss, and gave into him with as much passion as she could pull through the sheer astonishment of what he had done. Her fingers played in the locks of his golden hair, which she pulled free of its leather cord. She loved that he kept his hair long, like the warriors of ancient times. For all the love she had of astronomy and galactic travel, there was a certain romance to he distant centuries that she simply could not deny. As they kissed, his hands soon found their way to her chest, and she gave in to a longing sigh as her desires awakened.

It was not long before they were both in the shower, their hands on one another’s bare skin as the water poured down over them and steam filled the room. It was as good an excuse as any for them to get their clothes off, even if they were so engrossed in kissing that they found I difficult to break away from one another long enough to remove layer after layer of clothing. It tended to be cold on he galactic ships and their shuttles, so they knew to dress warmly as they traveled. They did not mind; the layers were part of the exhilaration.

Endan loved to caress his lover’s body with the bar of creamy soap, admiring the way it contrasted with the rich brown of her skin. Her body was amazing; had she lived in the ancient times of her ancestral tribe, she would have been admired as an equal to the gods. Her curves were supple and smooth, just the feel that he wanted under his hands. His touch made her want him even more, and it was not long before she allowed him to join with her as one, loving every second of the way he made her cry out. She did not care how loud she was, nor whether the walls were thick or thin; all she wanted for him to know how incredibly happy she was, right down to the core of her being.

After their shower, Citlally continued to show him exactly how happy she was with the room he had reserved for them. The bedroom was sectioned off from the front room, but it, too, was windowed, and the beauty of it inspired her into more passion. She laid Endan on the wide, expansive bed and pulled away his towel, grinning at the sight of his muscles. As she straddled him, her tan skin skin contrasted with his pale flesh, she gazed out at the starry skies outside. It was infinite, she reminded herself, beautiful and mysterious and powerful, and it was everything that she had ever wanted. His has caressed her again. He admired the way her raven locks fell around her, so long that she had often been asked whether she had ever once cut her hair, and also the way she stared outside in sheer awe.

He moaned loudly as she leaned down to kiss him, feeling her softness slide down over him. He could tell by the way she made love to him, slowly, her hips drawing every possible pleasure out of him, that she was perfectly in love with him that she loved what he had done, that this would be the best part of their journey across the galactic arm. As she rocked over him, draining him of every ounce of fluid and every moan that he had to give, he knew down to the depths of his being that there could be no better love-making than that of a woman inspired by the stars.


About Legends of Lorata

Eleanor Willow is the author of the high fantasy series Legends of Lorata, which takes place on a medieval-style world filled with elves, dragons and faeries. There is also a fourth race, one that is rare and magical: the angelic Starr. Lorata is a planet where four gods are known: good, evil, elemental and celestial-- and there are plenty of legends about them all! One of the most important ones is the prophecy of Jenh's champion, Loracaz, who is promised to return to the land whenever evil threatens to take hold. There are currently for books planned. The first one is completed and currently being edited. Any news I have on about publishing will be shared as it comes in!
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